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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy – Our online pharmacy is one of the leading platforms in the United States and the United Kingdom that offers brilliant services at reasonable rates. Once customers associates with us, we ensure their safety. To give you a safe and smooth platform for medicine shopping, whenever a visitor leaves a comment on our site, we collect the information and trace the IP address and browse the user’s history to track down the spam.

We request the customers visiting our website to avoid consenting to any embedded location data while uploading links or images on our online pharmacy website or sharing any personal information, such as bank account number or IFSC code. If any does so, please note that we cannot be held responsible if other visitors or sites extract any location data and misuse it.

Our online pharmacy uses customers’ information for their convenience. To ensure they enjoy the best services, we keep them updated. Whatever details we ask you to fill in helps us improve our services and give you a better customer experience. Once you submit your details, including bank details, address, and contact number, on our website, we won’t request you to present them again. And we expect you not to fill and submit any personal information repeatedly or share it with any of the delivery executives.

Privacy Policy – Cookies

We may ask you to accept the cookies on our website as it helps us understand your preference better. If you want to know more about our privacy policies, you can visit the Contact Us section on our website. And, directly call us or mail us your queries.

If you leave a comment on our site page, we may request you save your email address, username, and website in the Cookies. With the help of this one-time agreement, we collect some information for your convenience and keep you from the unnecessary task of filling in the exact details again and again.

Your Rights

If you have a customer account on our website or have left comments on our page, you can request an exported record of the information we hold about you. Keeping your safety in mind, we offer you the level best privacy. Although, some cases are not under our control, and you may need to handle them by yourself. If that happens, we make sure to help you in the best possible way.

Our online pharmacy offers exclusive deals with exciting offers from time to time to give you extra benefits of shopping with us, depending upon our sales strategy. We understand the value of your money and your hard work to earn it; therefore, we offer you the best while caring for your privacy.